A Meeting of Innovative Minds - ADNOC R&D Oil and Gas Sub Committees Award ThinkTank Maths the “R&D Shield” at ADRAC Conference and Exhibition 2014

16 April 2014

The ADNOC OPCOs (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) and P.I. (Petroleum Institute) R&D Oil & Gas Sub Committees have recognised ThinkTank Maths’ “highly effective performance in the assigned ADNOC R&D Sub Committees’ research” on the occasion of the ADRAC Conference and Exhibition 2014 by awarding the company the ADNOC “R&D Shield”.

ADRAC R&D Shield

Dr. Cyrille Mathis, Chief Scientific Officer received the award on behalf of ThinkTank Maths Limited at the ADRAC Award Ceremony – an event, according to its organisers, intended as recognition of the efforts of “assiduous Professors, ambitious Universities, innovative Researchers, dedicated Faculties and committed Students […] highly appreciated for their thinking, caring and time to create and deliver new knowledge and wisdom that light a candle of solution to our industry challenges”.

A significant ADNOC award, also given to prominent UAE research institutes such as the Petroleum Institute, the Masdar Institute, the University of the UAE, as well as leading international Universities and institutions including M.I.T. and Stanford University. ThinkTank Maths is both delighted and honoured to receive it.

ADRAC is an annual event run by ADNOC & its Group of Companies and the Abu Dhabi based Petroleum Institute. It is a research initiative to provide strategic leadership and research to a number of identified challenges in the oil and gas industry.

Dr. Mathis was invited by the ADRAC conference committee to give a talk on the company’s paradigm-shifting work on drilling collision avoidance with a North Sea Operator, and more generally to explain “Why the oil and gas industry needs a new kind of mathematics?”

Indeed”, says Dr. Mathis, “there are a number of domains today where humanity has to find radically different solutions to deal with the changes and unprecedented degrees of complexity arising from our expectations and needs at every level in the modern world, particularly in medicine, energy, space exploration, transport or environmental sustainability.

It is now particularly true also in the oil and gas industry, where wells have been drilled and exploited in some regions for more than 50 years with installations intended for a service-life of 25 years or where increased production demands require such technical feats that safety is pushed to unprecedented risk levels and radical new techniques and more precise understanding are vital.

Not only are off-the-shelf solutions unable to offer an answer to these immensely complex questions (indeed, ThinkTank Maths’ clients have often become painfully aware that such systems or software solutions are insufficient) but also, all current established scientific methods are incapable of providing the vital solutions required. Radical new mathematical approaches should be used to create these essential new techniques and solutions urgently required by the industry.

Conventional mathematical techniques on which all current solutions rely to tackle these problems are today drastically inadequate and only increase the risk of catastrophic accidents in the oil and gas sector”, adds Dr. Mathis.

ThinkTank Maths is very pleased that with this award ADNOC is highlighting the need of a more fundamental and paradigm-shifting research in the oil and gas industry – a sector which often touts its conservatism and resistance to innovation.

In his opening speech at the ADRAC Conference and Exhibition 2014 Ali Rashid Al Jarwan, chief executive officer of the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) said that without R&D, the oil and gas industry will lag behind.

Around 200 researchers from more than 30 Universities and private organisations from UAE, USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East along with experts from the oil and gas industry came together at ADRAC to present their latest work and to debate the most urgent issues of R&D.


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